Clear skin that shines brightly from the INSIDE! – Banila Co CC cream

Banila co. was founded in 2005 to develop the most suitable base make-up products for 20-30 year-old women. Its trendy, practical base make-up range is now appreciated by stylish young women right across Asia. Radiant CC Cream, Prime Primer and Clean it Zero are among the signature products. In Korea, there are now 70 banila co. stores, and 80 counters in China. The sole agent of banila co. store counter is already ON BOARD in our Sa Sa flagship store – Sa Sa Supreme! All the best-sellers and signature products are now exclusively available on dedicated shelves in Sa Sa Hong Kong and Macau (SaSa, 2015).


Banila co’s top selling and trending product is Banila co It radiant CCcream. BB creams are made for providing coverage with skincare benefits, while CC creams are designed to provide subtle skin tone corrections and act as a makeup base (Skin &Tonics,2013).

Banila Co.It Radiant CC Cream is a whitening color control base. In terms of skincare, this CC cream offers moisturizing benefits. It also offers whitening/brightening benefits and also promises to smooth skin, even skin tone, and it offers SPF 30 PA ++ broad spectrum sun protection.

  • Brightens your isn from inside
  • Upgrade skin tone and texture
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Gives a light feeling to your skin

If your interested in Banila co’s product, visit our website and find out more!


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